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Labor employers employ staff to find solutions to immediate and future needs of their organizations. When the establishment works force; can no longer cope with handling of immediate workload of the organization. Then there is an issue. The work force will be over utilized. In other words, the workforce strength will be over spent, and will definitely bring deficiency or inadequacies. In other to avert lapses. A vacancy had created itself and must be filled to avert lapses. The employers of labor need to begin a process fill the vacuum created to avert being ill judged of inefficient.

Employing new staff is a process. Employers would consider time spent in planning employment process leads to better decisions now and thereafter.

Employers normally consider the following:

What brought about the vacant post(s)
The answer might be:
resignation of one or few members of the workforce,
the workload needs extra hand(s) to avert lapses,
expansions of workload.

What employers of labor consider too is recruiting strategy, which may involve induction course to new staff or recruiting junior-level staff to replace the existing staff that are promoted to senior and managerial staff.

Sometimes vacant post(s) are not made known to the rank and file of the existing staff and management for security reasons, that is if the staff to be replaced is to be in strategy positions of the establishment and peradventure of dereliction of duty occurs, the producer are held liable as prime guarantor for such internal engagement(s)

Employers of labor considers the possibilities of balance between offering internal opportunities for new staff to develop and engaging new talent(s) with and new idea(s} or now innovation(s) into the establishment.

Employers of labor consider the Human Resources to handle new staff.
Where there are inadequate Human Resources to handle employment of competent new staff, the following are considered:
Is the vacancy utmost needed or not,
If sharing the workload to the existing workforce with more incentives will resolve the issue,
Will the new hands reflect better values and strategies priorities for better grow of the establishment?

Where the vacancy is mostly needed the following must be considered:

Writing a Job Specification is very paramount in the new employment process.
It needed for advertising the vacant post(s)
Applicants see the specification and apply
Employer use the specification as criteria questions for the interview
Skills and experience is what employers of labor sought in new workforce
Duties and responsibilities
Employers of labor consider size of teams and budgetary responsibilities
The specs contain the minimum skills and experience required for the job.
Employers of labor consider qualifications that are need for the new staff.
Employers of labor consider dress mode, physical appearance, composure apart from qualification. For instance a graduate was employed, may be due to over zealousness or act of omission or commission he behaves abnormally, the appointment was terminated.
Project Implementation Program
Employers of labor keep reciting that a bad recruitment decision will waste much more time, and money, in the long run.
Employers of labor consider that most suitable personnel is (are) in another organization comfortable with present job, payments and in a conducive atmosphere, therefore the establishment made her advert needs to attract the passive job seeker.
Employers of labor consider if the new hand(s) is (are) ready to resume work now or with a month notice, before considering who best is to be fixed for needed position depending on the need of the establishment then. This is needed for handling over or any induction courses to avert lapses.
External advertisement
Adverts made open to all, inviting interested candidate(s).
Where there are no Human Resources, the job is given to advertising agency or employers of labor agency. So you might not be able to assess the value and quality of your employers immediately until you are linked with the real employer of labor.
Source of your information of securing job(s) depends of the budget of the employers of labor on where to place their advertisement. But nowadays, must publications are digested preserved by Journals like this which cost you nothing but visit(s) to our link as often as possible. Mostly employers of labor use the dailies - cost the employer(s) huge sum of money - with local dailies that reduce cost, And sometimes with magazines.
Employers used online in that online advert(s) advantage(s) of online is (are) usually cheaper and quicker.
Modes of application are considered.
Modes of delivery of CVs that come in all shapes and sizes are considered.
Application forms might be needed which are easier to compare and contrast. You need to be care full to ensure that the format required are met while applying.
I discussed over zealousness earlier but you need to be creative. You need to establish relationships with relevant university courses or professional bodies you had had in executing you duty.
Bring out the potential in you anywhere you are - if you are seeking top level business executives.
Some Agencies take 10 -15 of your first earning or they are paid by employers of labor depending on the arrangement. You must consider what pays you better before entering into such treaty.
Study to show yourself approve unto good job and the establishment products on skilled works or soft skills – like team working, planning, organizing, influencing, persuading or selling.
For example if the job is soft skills, ask questions that seek an answer demonstrating a situation where this has happened. For example if working under pressure to tight deadlines is a requirement, show the aptitude that you have done this and that in such situation; and it was the most accurate predictor of future performance.
Interviewers often like posing hypothetical situations - Hypothetical questions need hypothetical answers. Be careful in your response.
Remember to keep be composed is any interview - it might be around a small table, not over a desk.
Making a decision
The top candidate might not accept the job offer; employers consider number two and number three best performances. So don't lose hope if you observe that that you did not perform well in any interviews.
Checks are made nowadays on CV in that it had been established that intending employee(s) lies (lie) on CV. Be careful not to lie. You might lose the job eventually, if it is discovered that you lied to mostly the financial institutions.
Do not breach the immigration law if you are no resident of that country that employs
Work within the ethics of your profession
Recruitment Branding

Have you applied for a job and then waited anxiously to hear if you got an interview? Wait, you will get one shortly.
Employer of labor like recruiting in their own image - people that they think will 'get on around here', 'our sort of person', 'someone they could have a drink with', someone that suits any outstanding occasions.
Employers of labor consider having a second interviewer - someone with whom you can have a healthy debate in assessing the best candidate(s), rather than someone who is just going to agree with them other known as yes man.

Akinnuoye Oladotun Williams

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