Wednesday, September 7, 2011


AUDIT OPERATIONS MANGER, MANAGER, AUDIT, IT AUDIT MANAGER, INTERNAL AUITOR, &INTERNAL AUDIT OFFICER VACANCIES POSITION: AUDIT OPERATIONS MAAGER REF:AOM 11 THE JOB: Reports to the Group Head Internal Audit programs in line with the annual Audit plan and supervises all audits from inception to completion. Reviews all Audit reports and ensures compliance with Institute of Internal audit (IIA) standards and the Company Group Internal guidelines. Co-ordinates risk assessment sessions and compiles regular board committees' reports. Develops and updates the Audit universe and ensures that professional standards are adhered to. QUALIFICATION: B Sc/HND in Accounting or relate field. Applicant must possess relevant professional qualification in Accounting or Internal Auditing, Practical IT Audit experience is essential excellent knowledge of internal control concepts, auditing techniques and reporting are mandatory. THE PERSON: Must possess high level of confidentiality and integrity, excellent oral and written communication skills; organized with good analytical, planning and evaluation skills. Ideal candidate should have a strategic focus possessing knowledge of identification of system breach indicators. EXPEREIENCE: Minimum of 10 years cognate experience with 3 years at managerial level. APPLY: On or before 16th September, 2011 IO 11 Position: INTERNAL AUDITOR Job Details: THE JOB: Reports to the Manager, Audit. Provides leadership and direction in communicating and monitoring internal audit policies, practices, programmes and processes; ensures the implementation of internal audit approach for individual projects, monitors objectives and revises as appropriate. Identifies potential risk areas and internal control flaws in the course of audit and makes appropriate recommendations for corrective actions. Develops and discusses findings and comes to an agreement on recommendations and timelines for corrective actions with responsible officers of operations audited. Analyses evidence gathered and communicates findings and recommendations to appropriate management officials through oral briefs and written reports. QUALIFICATION: B.Sc/HND in Accounting or related field. Successful candidate must possess relevant professional qualifications in Accountancy and Internal Audit. THE PERSON: Proactive, honest, with good organizational, planning, leadership and problem solving skills. Able to identify key internal control points in a system. EXPERIENCE: Minimum of 5 years cognate experience. Must possess working knowledge of the theories and principles of IT Auditing and internal controls. APPLY: On or before 16th September, 2011 IAO 11 Position: INTERNAL AUDIT OFFICER Job Details: THE JOB: Reports to the Manager, Audit. Performs preliminary review, including internal control evaluation; completes portions of the audit programme and identifies key issues which may have arisen either through external changes, internal changes or new legislation. Performs audit assignments which involve research and analysis of company policies and procedures; evaluates audit related documentation as basis for objective opinion on the effectiveness and efficiency of operations and the adequacy of internal controls. Prepares and organizes work papers that adequately support audit conclusions and recommendations, and which adhere to prescribed internal auditing standards. Maintains knowledge of current accounting and auditing practices through continuing professional education. QUALIFICATION: B.Sc/HND in Accounting or related field. Professional certification in Accounting or Internal Auditing will be an advantage. THE PERSON: Good coordination and organisational skills with an eye for details; must be honest and firm with excellent oral and written communications skills. Good interpersonal and analytical skills with an aptitude for accelerated learning EXPERIENCE: Minimum of 2 years work experience. APPLY: On or before 16th September, 2011 by visiting Terms of Service This is to notify our readers and subscribers that the addresses and other information contained in these advertisements on this journal pages are not verified by this weblog owners or administrators. We therefore implore you to ascertain their authenticity and legality before relying on the information contain herein. We will not be liable for any misrepresentation(s), wrong information and or damages that may arise there-from.

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