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Saturday, April 2, 2011


Consolidated Breweries Plc, a subsidiary of Heineken International, produces and markets “33” Export Lager Brand; Hi-Malt and Maltex brands; and Turbo King Stout brand. Consolidated Breweries Plc has two breweries and a factory located in the South East and South West geographical zones of the country respectively. With over 25 years brewing experience in Nigeria, she is one of the major players in the industry and has continued to contribute to the growth of the Nigerian economy. Focused and determined individuals are invited for the following positions:

Tax Manager
The Role
The successful candidate for this position will be responsible for:
• Preparing corporate tax returns.
• Tax planning.
• Researching, projecting tax obligations and ensuring compliance.
• Overseeing Federal and State audits of our various tax/statutory payments.
• Resolving complex tax issues.
• Optimizing and controlling fiscal costs.
• Ensuring accurate and prompt payment of all taxes.
• Proper tax documentation and filing.
The ideal candidate should have (or meet) the following:
• Minimum of B. Sc. Degree, second class honors (lower division) in Accounting, Economics, Business Administration or other Finance-related disciplines.
• Professional qualification (ACCA or ACA) is a major advantage.
• Relevant experience in a similar role in a large manufacturing organization for not less than 3 years.
• Well organized proactive and capable of anticipating potential challenges.
• Up-to-date knowledge of relevant legislations and IRS guidelines.

Brewery Security Officer.
The Role
The Successful candidate will report to the Brewery Manager in one of our brewery locations and will be responsible for:
• Supervising security guards and other security personnel, jointly with the contract Chief Security Officer.
• Ensuring compliance with Company’s security policies by security operatives.
• Ensuring that security beats are designed and planned for maximum efficiency.
• Carrying out regular checks/ensuring that the security gadgets and facilities (fences, gates guards towers, security lighting, Motorola radios, base station etc) provided are used and in good condition.
• Ensuring that adequate security is provided at Company quarters/guests houses at the brewery.
• Representing the brewery at the Police Community Relations Committee
• Liaising with relevant bodies and security agencies within the brewery jurisdiction on security-related matters.
• Arranging the provision of security for items in transit when necessary.
• Ensuring that operational security procedures aimed at guarding and protecting lives and property at the brewery as well as depots are implemented.
• Eliminating and minimizing breaches of peace in the brewery, while facilitating the day-to-day administration of brewery security.
The ideal candidate should have (or meet) the following:
• Minimum e.g. B. Sc degree, second class honors (lower division) or HND (Upper credit ) in any of the Scial Sciences, Humanities, Law or Criminology.
• Relevant experience in a similar role in a larage manufacturing organization for not less than 2 years.

Company Security Manager.
The Role

The successful candidate will be based in our Head Office but will oversee all Company security matters. He will report to the Managing Director and will be responsible for:
• Developing a security policy for the company and overseeing its implementation.
• Identifying and quantifying security threats and vulnerabilities; and formulating security measures to provided sound security standards and procedures to counter the threats.
• Formulating loss prevention programs and direct investigation of criminal and other security-related incidents.
• Developing emergency response plans; directing/coordinating the activities of security officers on immediate and effective response to emergencies, which may affect the Company facilities or be detrimental to Company interests.
• Establish and maintaining close liaison at inter-departmental level between security and other departments on security matters, and liaison with external law enforcement and security agencies in criminal and other matters involving the Company.
• Advising and guiding the Management of the Company on security awareness policy procedure and practice.
• Supervising the performance or behavior of third party security service providers and ensuring that security services are provided to meet Company expectations.
• Initiating security surveys and security policy and procedure reviews, as well as technological upgrades to ensue the practices in line with the profile of the Company.
• Planning for and managing the security of public events and promotions organized by the Company.
• Directing/Coordinating escort duties for transit/visiting expatriates and top management staff of the Company.
• Assisting in negotiation of contracts for security services provision for the Company for the approval of the Managing Director.
• Ensuring effective guarding and protection of lives and property at all the locations/depots.

The Ideal candidate should have (or meet) the following:
• Minimum of B. Sc. Degree, second class honors (lower division) or HND (Upper Credit) in any of the Social Sciences, Humanities or Criminology or LL.B and BL second class honors (lower division) in Law.
• Relevant experience in a similar role in a large manufacturing organization for not less than 5 years.

Shift Packaging Manager
The Role:

The Shift Packaging Manager will be involved in the running of any of the packaging lines, while reporting to a Packaging Manager. He will ensure the timely provision of services to support production in the brewery. In addition, he will be responsible for maintaining packaging machines.


The idea candidates should have (or meet) the following:
• Minimum of B. Sc. Degree, second class honors (lower division) or HND (lower credit) in Mechanical Engineering, Food Science, Electrical Engineering or Production Engineering.
• Minimum of 3 years experience on a bottling/packaging line, or in a similar function, preferably in an FMCG environment.
• Experience with automation is an advantage.
• Willingness to run shifts, especially night shifts.

General requirements for all the vacancies:

• Ability to work with Computer systems and soft-wares e.g. MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint and the Internet.
• Good team-player.
• “Hands on” attitude and disposition.
• Evidence of having participated in the NYSC scheme or Exemption.
• Residence and ability tow work under pressure.
• Willingness to work in any of the locations in Nigeria where we have operations.
• Not more than 45 years of age as at 1st January, 2011

Remuneration attached to each position is in line with existing rates in the industry.

Mode of Application

If you are confident that your experience, skills and operation have prepared you to succeed in any of the above positions, apply with copies of your curriculum vitae and relevant credentials to:
Please clearly indicate the position you applied for.




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